Next Level Plan has created business plans and strategic communications for many types of clients. The list below is not inclusive, but provides an indication of the breadth of industries we have worked with. Please contact us for more details or to view sample plans.

  • AJA Ventures, K.K. - Tokyo, Japan {Japan-US localization consultancy}
  • AusAm Biotechnologies - Los Angeles {medical diagnostics and therapies developer}
  • The Broadway Company - Los Angeles (online portal for theatrical community)
  • DermoGenesis - Los Angeles {medical-grade skincare products distributor}
  • Energized Distribution - Los Angeles {beverage distribution}
  • Italia Rustica Linens Cesenatico, Italy {handmade linens}
  • KNOCK KNOCK - Los Angeles {consumer products}
  • Lombardo, Ltd. - Los Angeles {luggage and leather goods manufacturer}
  • Mujer Mas - Mexico City {online portal for Mexico's women}
  • Peterson Systems Los Angeles {industrial products manufacturer}
  • Ruffworld - Los Angeles {online music development/distribution}
  • Tina's Room - Los Angeles {aesthestician and salon}
  • V.Grantham, Srl - Milan, Italy {luxury menswear designer}